Beijing, October 8 (Xinhua) - Song Liang, Former Vice Adjustor of the Northwest Gansu Province of China, has been charged with a charge of taking bribes, the Town Procurator Supreme (SPP) said on Friday.

The song took advantage of the publications he held to look for unjustified profits for others and accepted a "huge amount" of money and gifts in exchange, which deserve a criminal charge of bribery, according to the accusation.

Before the command of it as Vice Governor de Gansu, the song held Multiple positions in the Autonomous Region of Interior Mongolia of North China, the aggregate accusation.

The Prosecutor's Office was presented by the Procuratory Process of the City of Leshan, Sichuan Province of South West China, on the designation of SPP after closing a probe by the National Supervision Commission.

Prosecutors had informed the accused of the litigation of it. TS, he was questioned and heard the opinions of Defense Counselors, said the spp. EndItem

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