Hong Kong, October 9 (Xinhua) - Liu Guangyuan, Commissioner of the Hong Kong Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (HSAR), on Friday he celebrated a Group Information Meeting for almost 40 honorary consuls in Hong Kong.

In his speech, Liu encouraged the honorary consuls to go hand in hand with the commissioner's office of China's Foreign Affairs at HKSAR contributed actively to safeguard The prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, supporting China's construction and development, counting the history of HKSAR and China, and promoting friendship between China and other countries.

"The destination of Hong Kong has always been closely linked to the homeland, and the development of the country has always been the greatest support for the development of Hong Kong", Liu said.

Almost 40 Consules Honors of countries, including Ethiopia, Tanzania, Keny A, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Croatia and Estonia attended the meeting Informative

"I hope everyone continues to be firm defenders from the beginning of 'a country, two systems,' and the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong," Liu added.

The consuls said they are proud of China's world-renowned development achievements. , and will take care of the HARD-gained gratifying situation by Hong Kong, take advantage of the enormous opportunities in the integrated development of Hong Kong and the Chinese continent.

Before the informative session, the fee consults visited a photographic exhibition of the diplomatic history of the People's Republic of China and learned more about Chinese diplomacy. They felt the determination and strength of Chinese diplomacy to defend national interests and devotion and passion to fight for the cause of human progress. EndItem


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