Nanchang, October 13 (Xinhua) - A white crane was seen on Tuesday in Yugan County, Jiangxi Province of East China, which marks the beginning of the winter of the Species at Poyang Lake this year.

According to Yugan Station of the Nature Reserve Administration Office of Lake Poyang, the crane was foraging without a partner when the staff saw the animal Through binoculars.

The first bird landed approximately two weeks before the previous year, it is most likely that the cold current, according to the station staff.

White cranes are also known as "living fossil" birds, with only about 4,000 living around the world. When the autumn ends every year, they fly to the lake for the winter, mainly foraging in shallow water. Since the end of February until the beginning of March the following year, the great flocks begin to fly north.

Poyang Lake is an important winter area for waterfowl in Asia. Each year, hundreds of thousands of birds from Russia, Mongolia, Japan and the People's Republic of Korea of ​​the popular Democrat, as well as in the northwest and northeastern regions of China, winter on the lake.

With an area of ​​more than 3,200 square kilometers, the lake usually houses up to 700,000 winter birds each year. EndItem


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