Lanzhou, October 19 (Xinhua) - Four cities in the Northwest China Gansu province have not reported Covid-19 positive Results, from 4 p.m. On Tuesday, from its over-the-art nucleic acid testing program, according to the Information Office of the Provincial Government.

The province has compiled more than 460,000 samples of personnel and more than 1,000 environmental samples, of which more than 340,000 samples have been proven negative. The Results of the remaining samples have not yet been released.

Since Sunday, the cities of Jiayuguan, Jiuquan and Zhangye in the province have reported several confirmed cases that pass through the way to other regions.

Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu, has tracked 504 people in close contact with confirmed cases. Those of the city have been placed under quarantine for medical observation and sampled for nucleic acid tests. Nine primary and secondary schools in Lanzhou have suspended classes. EndItem


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