Hurghada, Egypt, October 22 (Xinhua): Through its cinegoou platform (CGP), Egypt's International Film Festival (GFF) of Egypt provides support and Empowerment for Egyptian and Arab filmmakers and help them find artistic and financial support.

The platform presents the programs of Cinegouna Springboard and Cinegouna Bridge that provide opportunities to share and learn.

"Cinegoou Springboard is a project development and co-production laboratory that offers opportunities to find creative and financial support for Arab cinema directors and producers with development projects or Movies in post-production, "The Festival. Attorney Administrator Al-Tamimi told Xinhua.

Meanwhile, he said, Cinegouuna Bridge is a forum for dialogue between different film voices, where Arab filmmakers and their international counterparts are involved and shared their prospects in AW IDE Range of subjects related to the social and business aspects of cinema.

He added that the Fcegouna trampoline accepts applications of the characteristics narrative and present documentary projects in development. As films in postproduction, by filmmakers of all parts of the Arab world.

"This year, CGP has 20 film projects, including 13 developing projects, six post-production films, in addition to a guest movie in postproduction," said al- Tamimi, adding that the CGP Awards amount to $ 300,000 this year.

Directors and producers Participants in Cinegoun Springboard presented their films to producers, organizations, distributors and festival programmers to obtain their artistic guide.

In addition to that, one- meetings in one are held among filmmakers, industry experts and consultants to develop scripts and incomp. ETE movies, as well as increase the possibilities of international and regional collaborations.

"We are participating in this year's edition of the CGP with a developing film by a Jordan filmmaker. We will present the film on the platform. Our presence at the festival of Cinema is a starting point for our film, "Alaa Al-Assad told Xinhua, a Palestinian artistic producer.

"The GFF is celebrated every year and there is always an opportunity to join the festival platform," said Al-Assad. "Here, we can just meet the Industry people and this is something that can not easily happen anywhere else. The festival runs the gap between beginners and people in the industry. "

Zien Draiy, a Jordanian filmmaker who participates in the platform with his first narrative film, said the GFF is "his house" when she won a prize in the edition of 2019 for his first short film.

"I am very happy to be supported by the GFF to make my first narrative movie ... The CGP is a very unique tool to help young filmmakers, It also connects people in the industry, which facilitates promotion and developing their film projects, "said Draiy Xinhua.

She said that the GFF invites dozens of cinematographic investors every year to get in touch with young filmmakers to help them develop their film projects.

The Fifth Edition of the GFF started on October 14 in the city of Red Sea Resort of Egypt of El Gouna and will be wrapped on October 22, projecting 80 movies Arab and international.

In addition, the festival has witnessed workshops, master classes and special events moderated by a horte of local and international prominent industry experts.

As one of the leading festivals in the Middle East, the GFF aims to show a wide variety of WHI films

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