Climate change: Carbon emissions show a quick rebound after DIP COVID

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    Global emissions of carbon dioxide are replenished near the levels in which they were before Covid, in a discovery that has surprised scientists.

    The amount of planet heating gas released by 5.4% fell by 5.4%, since the pandemic forced countries to be blocked.

    But a scientific report of the global carbon project predicts that CO2 emissions will increase by 4.9%. this year.

    shows that the window is closing our ability to limit the increase in temperature to the critical threshold of 1.5c.

    This increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) released in the atmosphere underlines the emergency of action in the summits such as COP26 in Glasgow, scientists say. \

    However, coal and gas emissions are expected to grow more in 2021 than they fell the previous year, although the carbon released from the Use of oil remains below the 2019 levels.

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    Dr. Glen Peters, from the International Climate Research Center ( Cicero) In Oslo, Norway, said: "What many of us were thinking of 2020, including me. - It was more than one recovery distributed in a few years, unlike a great coupling in 2021. < P Class = "SSRCSS-1Q0X1QG-paragraph eq5iqo00"> "That's where the surprise comes for me, which happened so fast, and there is also a concern that there is still some recovery." Order to limit the increase in global temperature At 1.5c. This is the increase seen by scientists as the gateway to hazardous levels of global warming.

    The 16th annual report of the global carbon budget was compiled by more than 94 authors who analyzed economic data and information on EMI Sions of the activities of the Earth, such as forestry.

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    To play this video you need to enable JavaScript in Your browser Means collection, basic climate concepts: CO2 explained

    shows that, if we continue as we are and do not cut emissions, there is 50%. Probability of reaching 1.5c heating in about 11 years. This agrees with the findings in a recent UN report that suggested that we would reach early 2030.

    Prof Corinne I loved, from East University Anglia, said: "Limit climate change at 1.5c, CO2 emissions must reach Net zero by 2050. Do this in a straight line would mean reducing global emissions at 1,400 million tons of CO2 each year."

    The fall in 2020 was 1.9 billion tons, but that was in the blockade.

    To reduce emissions by an approximately amount equivalent to that, in the post-lock period, it presents a discouraging challenge. But scientists emphasize that remains achievable.

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