Beijing, November 4 (Xinhua): Chinese President Xi Jinping Thursday said that China will continue to be resolved by expanding high-level opening, sharing development opportunities with the world and Making the economic globalization more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial for all.

XI made observations while directed to the opening ceremony of the Fourth International Import Exhibition of China through the video.

"China will firmly protect true multilateralism," Xi said.

Notice the multilateral trade regime with the world The commercial organization (WTO) in its center is the cornerstone of international trade, XI promised to support the WTO reform When moving in the right direction.

"We support the inclusive" development of the multilateral trade regime, as well as the rights and legitimate interests of the members of development, "he said.

In his opening speech, Xi promised that the country will firmly share market opportunities with the rest of the world.

"Moving , China will put more emphasis on the expansion of import and will pursue the balanced development of trade, "he said, adding that measures would be taken as opening more demonstration zones for the creative promotion of the creative promotion of import imports and increasing imports of neighboring countries.

Promoting firmly to firmly promote the high-level opening, XI said that the country will take measures, including the negative list of foreign investment, as well as the revision and expansion of the Slowing catalog of the industry.

"China will firmly confirm the world's common interests," said XI, noting that the country will participate in cooperation within the United Nations, the WTO, the G20, The economic cooperation of Asia and the Pacific, the Shanghai co organization organization and other institutions.

He also said that China will support the fair distribution and unpainted vaccines and other key medical supplies around the world. EndItem


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