Hong Kong, November 4 (Xinhua): The District Court of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong ruled on Thursday that the prima Facie evidence of an unauthorized assembly case the June 4, past year involving Jimmy Lai Chee-ying, an instigator of Hong Kong riots, Stands. The eight defendants, including La LAI, were accused of inciting others to participate in an illegal assembly in Victoria Park of Hong Kong last year, and the Case was heard again in the District Court on Monday.

Five of the defendants, including Lee Cheuk-Yan, confessed his crime on Monday. The judge has suspended the procedures for the five pelletic guilty until November 12, for reasons of mitigation and judgment.

Three others involved in the case, Lai, Chow Hang-Tung and Gwyneth Ho, denied his charges on Monday.

There were 26 people involved in the case, including Lai, Lee, Albert Ho Chun-Yan, Joshua Wong and others. Twenty-one has been found guilty or has previously been sentenced in.

The rest two, including Nathan's law, we have fled from Hong Kong. Arrest orders have been issued for them. EndItem

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Image of Chinese, Russian PMs to hold 26th regular meeting
Chinese, Russian PMs to hold 26th regular meeting

Beijing, November 26 (Xinhua) - Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang will celebrate the 26th regular meeting with his Russian counterpart Mikhail Mishus

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