like winter looms, hunger reports in North Korea

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Warnings are Stark and from inside and outside North Korea. Defectors based in South Korea have told us that their families in the north go hungry. There is a concern of winter approaches that the most vulnerable will die of hunger.

"Problems as more orphaned children in the streets and death by the starvation are reported continuously," said Lee Sang Yong, editor-in-chief of the Daily NK, Having sources in North Korea.

"The lowest classes in North Korea are suffering more and more." As the food scarcity is worse than expected, Lee said.

Obtaining information from North Korea is increasingly difficult. The border has been closed since January of last year to prevent the spread of Covid-19 from China. Even obtaining messages outside the country to family and friends who have deactivated South Korea come at a great risk.

Anyone trapped with an unauthorized mobile phone could be thrown into a field of work. And yet, some still attempt to send letters or voice mail through text to their loved ones and publications in Seoul.

Through these sources, some of which must remain in anonymity, we have tried to build an image of what is happening.

'Each rice grain'

North Korea has always fought with the shortage of Food, but the pandemic has worsened the bad situation. The leader Kim Jong-Onu has compared the current situation to the worst disaster in the 1990s, known as the "arduous march", where hundreds of thousands of people died in a famine.

The situation is not believed to be so bad, however. There are some hopeful signs. North Korea seems to be preparing to reopen the border with China, but it is not clear how much trade and help will be needed to repair economic damage and forged in the impoverished country.

The harvest this year is crucial. Last year's crops were destroyed in part by a series of typhoons. The United Nations park that the country is short from at least two to three months of food.

To ensure that this year as successful as possible, tens of thousands of people have been sent to the fields to help gather rice and corn, including the army .

Kim Jong-ONU also ordered that all grains of rice in the country should be assured and that all those who eat must go and help with the harvest.

"A plan has been devised to minimize losses in the collection process," said Mr. Lee, from the Daily NK. \ The leader Kim Jong-UN seems to be willing to openly recognize the severity of the situation

last week, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) of South Korea told one Closed door parliamentary audience said Mr. Kim. He felt that he was "walking down the thin ice due to the economic situation," according to the legislators at the informative meeting. <

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