Hong Kong, November 5 (Xinhua) - US Climate change diplomacy strategy UU has fundamental problems for their approach to China, said a piece of opinion by South China Morning Post (SCMP) recently.

"What matters in the 'Great Green Game' is the choreography," said the article. "The Chinese will not be pushed around."

China has announced that maximum carbon emissions before 2030 and would achieve carbon neutrality in 2060, "putting it Ahead of us formally committed to a date of Destination to achieve net emissions from scratch, "he said.

"Ultimately, it would be more achieved, it would be more reduced if the suspicions were reduced and collaboration increased." He said the opinion piece. EndItem

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Journalists' Day: Reporting from the ground

today marks the day of journalists from China, one of the three national days for professionals. Established by the State Council in 2000, the day of

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