Beijing, November 9 (Xinhua) - China believes that there is a large room for global infrastructure cooperation and several initiatives do not have to counteract or replace each other, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign relations said Tuesday.

Wang Wenbin made the observations when asked to comment on the plans of the United States Administration to launch a global infrastructure program, which is meant to counteract The initiative of the belt and the road of China. According to media reports.

Countries should work to build instead of knocking down bridges, promoting connectivity instead of uncoupling, seeking mutual benefits and gaining results instead of isolation and exclusivity, Wang said.

Since its start eight years ago, the belt and road initiative has followed the principles of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits and philosophy. Open cooperation, green and clean standard development, focused on people, promoted the construction of a large batch of cooperation projects, strengthened connectivity and handed tangible benefits to people from BRI partners.

It has become the most popular international public good and the largest cooperation platform, he added.

"We hope that the United States will take concrete actions to seriously boost the common development and common revitalization of all countries," he said. EndItem


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