President Xi Jinping on Friday sent Congratulations to Ratu Wiliame Katonivere in his attention as a president of Fiji.

Fiji was the first country of the Pacific Island to establish diplomatic relations with New China, said that since then the establishment of links 46 years ago, China-Fiji relations have made remarkable progress and become In a model of equal treatment and friendly cooperation between countries of different sizes.

Facing the Covid-19 pandemic, China and Fiji have stopped together and helped each other, and their friendship and cooperation have been increasingly deepened, Xi said.

XI said it gives great importance to the development of China-Fiji relations and is ready to work with Katonivere to strengthen everything. - Nice and practical cooperation between the two countries and open new new perspectives for the China-Fiji Integral Strategic Association, in order to better benefit the two countries and their peoples.

Katon Ivere is the sixth president of Fiji, since the nation of the South Pacific Island obtained the Independence of Great Britain in 1970.

Xinhua - CGTN


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