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  • Coronavirus pandemic Image source, Getty ImagesImage Leyption, the agreement will allow local manufacturers to produce the treatment pill

    USA. UU The Pfizer drug company has written a treatment to allow its Covid-19 experimental treatment pill to be done and sold in 95 developing nations. \

    but excludes several countries that have had large outbreaks of Covid-19, including Brazil.

    Pfizer says that the pill decreases the risk of serious illness in vulnerable adults.

    In a statement on Tuesday, Pfizer said the agreement will allow local medicine manufacturers to produce the pill "with the aim of facilitating greater access to the population world".

    Pfizer will not receive royalty in sales in lower-income countries and said that royalties would renounce in all nations included in the agreement, while Covid remains A global health organization, appointed emergency of public health.

    At the beginning of November, Pfizer said clinical trials suggest that their pill Covid-19, Paxlovid, cuts the risk of hospital admission or death in an 89 %. For high-risk adult patients.

    Charles Gore, director of the drug patent group, said in a statement, the license was important as "this oral medication is particularly suitable for low and a half. -Accept the countries and could play a critical role in saving lives. "

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    Most of the countries included in Africa or Asia. However, nations such as Brazil, China, Russia, Argentina and Thailand, who have experienced significant outbreaks, are not part of the agreement.

    Some experts say this is not enough to address inequalities in access to Covid-19 treatments and vaccines.

    Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies have also returned against calls to lift the patents in their Covid Jabs.

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    Doctors without borders said it was "discouraged" that the agreement does not make Pfizer's COVID-19 pills are available worldwide in a statement to The associated press.

    > "The world now knows that access to Covid-19 medical tools must be guaranteed for all, Everywhere, if we really want to control this pandemic", The Advisor of Roup Legal Policies Yuanqiong Hu said.

    In October, another drug, Merck, announced a similar agreement with the group of drug patents to allow manufacturers to produce their own Covid. -19 Pill, MolnupiRavir.

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