Shanghai, April 4 (Xinhua) - Shanghai on Monday ended the basic collection of samples for nucleic acid tests of its almost 25 million residents in the last effort of the city To reduce the transmission in the communities and contain the last resurgence of Covid-19, the local authorities said on Monday night.

"With the active cooperation of local residents, the city ended the last nucleic acid sampling work round on April 4," The Office of the Limutiant Group Municipal of Shanghai for the prevention and control of Covid-19, he said in a statement.

Shanghai performed the nucleic of the entire city. Acid tests on Monday after a mass antigen test on Sunday. The city has been placed under temporary closed management after COVID-19 infections were recorded, they were recorded in recent days.

Additional work, including tests, Multiple controls, transportation of positive cases, and analysis and evaluation of the situation of COVID-19, will be carried away out in an orderly manner, according to the statement.

After all the work is completed, the follow-up control measures will be published based on the relevant national regulations and the results of mass detection. EndItem


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