People take nucleic acid tests at a Covid-19 test site in Shenyang, Liaoning province of northeastern China, April 13, 2022. [Photo / Xinhua]

The recent epidemic Covid-19 in China It is stabilizing, but the transmission transmission remains the transmission. Frequent and the struggle to achieve the goal of dynamically eliminating infections is still difficult, a health official said on Tuesday.

Wu Liangyou, Deputy Director of the Office for Disease Prevention of the National Health Commission, he said during a story. Information information The continent had registered more than 497,000 infections from March 1 to Monday, affecting the 31 regions at the provincial level, except the Autonomous Region of Tibet.

Daily cases In Shanghai remain at a high level and the risk of the novel Coronavirus' the spread in the communities is high, he said.

The outbreaks in the cities of Jilin and Changchun In Jilin's province, they also hit hard by the virus, both have the downward trend, but precaution against outbreaks should not relax, he added, he added the.

WU urged Governments lime to increase the monitoring of health and key group nucleic tests to capture early signs of virus spread and safeguard the final result of resurgence prevention of large-scale virus.

Shenyang  Changchun  Liaoning 

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