Beijing, September 4 (Xinhua) - The main legislator of China, Li Zhanshu 17 by invitation of the President of the Russian State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, president of the Gran Hural of the State (Parliament) of the Mongolia Gombojav Zandansheatar, president of the House of Representatives of Nepal, Agni Sapkota and the president of the National Assembly of Rok, Kim Jin-Py respectively. P>

Li, president of the Permanent Committee of the National Popular Congress (NPC), will also attend the 7th Eastern Economic Forum during its stay in Russia. ENTEM


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                    Five jailed in Hong Kong for children's books
Five jailed in Hong Kong for children's books

Hong Kong: five imprisoned for children's books 'sedicious' Beijing said that the law was necessary to contribute stability to the city, but critic

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