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American technology companies that receive federal funds They will be prohibited from building "advanced technology" facilities in China for 10 years, the Biden administration has said.

The guidelines were revealed as part of a plan of $ 50 billion (£ 43 billion) intended to build the local semiconductor industry.

occurs when business groups have pressed more government support in an effort to reduce China dependence.

face a global microchip shortage that has slowed production.

"We are going to implement the railings to ensure that those who receive chips can not compromise national security ... They are not allowed to use this money to invest In China, they cannot develop avant -garde technologies in China ... for a period of ten years, "according to the United States Secretary of the United States Gina Raimondo., Explaining the United States files and sciences law.

"Companies that receive money can only expand their mature nodes factories in China to serve the Chinese market." 1q0x1qg-paraguaph eq5iqo00 "> USA from China

  • US "SSRCSS-1Q0x1QG-Paragraph EQ5iqo00"> In August, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, had signed a law compromising $ 280 billion (£ 232 billion) to the manufacturing and high-tech scientific research research, in means of fears that the United States will be losing its technological advantage to China. UU.> Currently, the United States produces approximately 10% of The global supply of semiconductors, which are key to everything, from cars to mobile phones, below 40% in 1990.

    The Chinese Embassy in Washington had opposite to the semiconductor bill, qualifying it as a "cold war mentality."

    Some American chip manufacturers are already experiencing the impact of Washington's offensive on the sale of American technology to China. Earlier this month, US officials told them that NVIDIA and AMD stop the sale of artificial intelligence chips to China.

    Dan Iives of Wedbush Securities described restrictions as an "intestinal blow" for Nvidia.

    "This is really a shot through reverence in China and it really will fell those flames in terms of geopolitics (tensions)", he had told him A Teh BBC.

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    Watch: How the scarcity of semiconductors could be a problem for you

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