Beijing reported 14 local cases confirmed on Tuesday, all of the schools, the Municipal Health Commission said Wednesday. Cluster at the Campus of the University of Beijing Chemical Technology in the city's Changing district.

The case of high school was found at the community level, while an infected person in the group was found during the hospital admission exam. The rest were quarantine centers.

All have been hospitalized.

The commission added that schools and other places full of people are key areas for prevention and epidemic control, since students return to their campus from summer holidays.

The city has strengthened Multiple measures to avoid risks of Infection in schools, asking all schools to harden control and prevention measures before students return and perform a strict health monitoring of the health of the health of The students after their arrival. .

"The most outstanding characteristic of universities is the diversity of students, which are from the whole country and have had complex movements," Hu Yang, associate doctor of the Department of Medicine of Respiratory Care and Critos in the Shanghai pulmonary hospital, was summoned by health times.

"students are generally young and have a higher immunity to Infection. If they were infected, they could not show symptoms and are prone to hidden transmission."

Hu Warne D that schools must pay close attention to asymptomatic carriers in their efforts to prevent and control COVID-19.

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