Beijing, September 8 (Xinhua) - Chinese car brands maintained constant growth in sales and obtained a greater market share in the home in August, the data of the data of the Industry showed.


A total of 850,000 brand cars of the home brand were sold in the Chinese market last month, 41 percent year after year, He said the Chinese passenger cars association.

They represented 45.8 percent of total retailers in August, more than 3.8 percentage points of a year ago.

In the first eight months a year, Chinese brand car sales represented 46 percent of total passenger car retaile sales, more than 6.9 points percentage from year and more.

The association pointed out that national car brands recorded robust growth in the new energy vehicle market, with the market share of leading companies such as ByD, Chery , Geely and Changan registering a remarkable increase increasingly me. ENTEM

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