Hong Kong: five imprisoned for children's books 'sedicious'
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    Five speech therapists in Hong Kong have been imprisoned for 19 months each after being declared guilty of publishing books for children for children "Sedicious". = "SSRCSS-1Q0x1QG-Paragraph EQ5iqo00"> The authors argued that the Li Chronic Bros "History from the perspective of the people."

    But a judge chosen by the Government concluded that they were "a brainwashing exercise." -Paragraph EQ5iqo00 "> Beijing said that the law was necessary to contribute stability to the city, but critics said it was designed to crush the dissent and weaken the autonomy of Hong Kong. -PARAGRAPH EQ5IQO00 ""> Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China, and has a beginning of "a country, two systems", which is designed to give the city certain freedoms.

    The five speech therapists, Lai Man-Ling, Melody Yeung, Sidney NG, Samuel Chan and Fong TSZ-HO, have already passed more than a year in The prison pending the verdict.

    One of his lawyers said they could be released within a month, due to the time already served.

    The group, which are aged between 25 and 28, the electronic cartoon books that some interpreted how trying to explain the feg kong's prodemocratic movement to the children .

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  • In one of the three books, a village of Sheep fights against a group of wolves who are trying to take care of their settlement.

    On Saturday the five therapists maintained the books were destined to help children understand systemic injustice.

    But Judge Kwok Wai-Kin accused speech therapists of "sowing the" seed of instability "in the city and throughout China. .

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