There are few more annoying things than when a young Chinese student interrupts his quiet afternoon in the cafeteria to ask if his friends can be, also known as practicing English with you. While some Chinese may be very good to meet their acquaintances, you will find friends of co -workers, classmates, neighbors or whoever, can take a little more work. Here are some ways in which expatriates can find and keep Chinese friends.

Source: Helena Lopes

Where to start

making Chinese friends is an excellent way to meet China and get more involved in local culture . But where to start? In addition to work or school, you will want to find people who have common interests, preferably close to where you live. Sitting at home, ordering Waimai and seeing Netflix is ​​not going to do much good.

basically, you must leave. Go to network events for your industry, attend cultural events or participate in a sports club. He is forced to meet the Chinese anxious for a foreign friend, and not only because they want to use it as a dictionary to walk. In addition to that, you can always chat with people in coffee shops and bars. Say you like something they have been wearing and ask where they got it. Ask if they know a good restaurant nearby. There are many INS to choose from.

language barriers

The most difficult thing to make Chinese friends is probably the language barrier. If you do not have skills in the Chinese language, you will need to find Chinese friends who have a rather decent English level, unless they are very patient, expressive and, I dare to say it, desperate. Expatriated who live in the deepest depths of a Chinese village somewhere can end up making friends without a common language and, as a result, learn Mandarin very quickly. Obviously, this has its advantages, but it is quite difficult for a long time.

unless you are in that situation, you will quickly resolve if you will be better to communicate with your new acquaintance in Chinese or English. However, even if it is the last, do everything possible to learn from them and use the Chinese you have when you can. It is very easy to allow your new friendship to be completely made in English if your partner has linguistic skills. But that will do nothing at all to help him develop his.

Check, please

almost any Chinese travel guide will tell you the Chinese custom to treat. Wait for a little jokes every time the bill arrives. Do not feel bad if your Chinese friend pays the first meal, but be sure to remember that it is your turn next time.

While their Chinese friends will probably not have an account of who has paid more for what, to make an effort to keep him more or less even to prevent his Chinese friend from "lost his face." Keep in mind that you may not be able to pay the same places as you. A paste bowl per 100 rmb may seem cheap for you, but your Chinese friend could probably get three meals for the same price. While he may think that treating his friend with expensive food, drinks and other activities will attract him, he can actually be counterproductive and make them feel as if they can no longer hang out with you.


making friends always takes time, but making Chinese friends often requires less time but more programming. One of the things I love most from my friends is the spontaneity of our friends. I can call them the day to see if they are free to go out to the bar, to the mall or watch a movie. In general, there are always some makers.

I have found that the Chinese are not accustomed to this spontaneity and are not willing to make plans in the jump. Therefore, it is better, therefore, to establish a date at least a few days in advance. Such forward planning is considered educated by the Chinese that, thanks to work, family and study commitments, often have more time than us Fancy-F

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