Farmers load the rice harvested in the municipality of Gangkou in Yueyang County, the province of Center of Hunan in China. Photo/Xinhua

Beijing - The Academy of Agricultural Sciences of China (CAAS) published a report on the development of food and nutrition from China on Saturday.

The report summed up the trends of food and nutrition from China in recent decades, and presented a series of problems and suggestions.

From the reform and opening, production and supply of Food of China has increased significantly, with its annual per capita grain supply that reaches 600 kilograms, according to the report.

The daily supply of energy of Chinese residents has reached 3,400 kcal per person, while the supply of energy, proteins and fats has continued to increase, the report said, and added that the general supply of energy of energy from energy of energy from Chinese residents have reached energy supply Average level and high -income countries worldwide.

The report also pointed out several problems with the food and nutrition of Chinese residents.

The unreasonable dietary structure of Chinese residents is a prominent problem. The excessive intake of oil, salt and sugar has brought health risks. In addition, excessive food processing has led to a loss of nutrition.

In view of the problems, the report presented a series of policy recommendations.

The report suggested speeding the transformation of the food system and the development of nutrition -oriented agriculture.

The innovation of key and central technologies in corral and aquaculture birds should be strengthened to increase the production of white meat and promote healthy diets among residents, the report, the report said.

The report is based on data that include macro statistics from the National Statistics Office, Nutrition Monitoring data of the population of the National Health Commission, as well as the typical data of the survey of the survey of Samples of rural and urban areas in China.

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