Beijing, September 20 (Xinhua) - Chinese researchers have Discovered a new species of Apocynaceae in the area of ​​the three gorges of the southwest reservoir of the municipality of Chongqing of China, According to Wuhan's Botanical Garden under the Academy of Sciences of China.

On the basis of literature review, field and herbarium collections, and the comparison of samples, the researchers identified it as a new species of Vincetoxicum, One of the largest genres in Apocynaceae, and called him Vincetoxicum pingtaoanum.

According to their current situation in nature, researchers evaluated new species as vulnerable, and speculated that this can also be distributed in the neighboring province of Hubei.

The findings were published jointly in Phytotaxa magazine by the Wuhan botanical garden, the Chongqing Natural History Museum and the Chongqing National Natural Reserve of Wulipo. ENITEM

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