If you are new to teaching English or have been doing it for years, you probably know something about TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) scores. What you may not know is the advantages of getting the TEFL certification in China instead of taking the course in their home country before arrival. Following an introductory guide shown on why and how to do exactly that

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Due to recent changes in China visa requirements and work permits, most cities and schools now require two years of experience after completing a college degree and / or TEFL certification. When I first came to China in 2009, the system was much more relaxed visa. A future teacher do not even require a college degree, let alone any teaching qualifications or experience.

In the following years, the requirements have become much tighter, however, on par with what is expected in most developed countries. There are still some cities in China with less stringent requirements, but a college degree, TEFL certificate and two years of experience in teaching expectations are fairly standard.

When I returned to China in 2019, who managed to find a job despite not having a TEFL qualification or experience in teaching after graduating from college - but again, this is increasingly rare. Although initially delighted to find this job, I quickly realize that you can be a little trap for work at a school or city with laxer requirements. You can frustrate their attempts to move to a city or school bigger and better.

When I recently changed jobs, I found that while my new employer likes the fact that he was five years teaching experience before graduation would still be unable to obtain a work permit in city ​​without two years of post-graduation or TEFL experience. Winning two years of experience would thus two years and must be done outside of China. TEFL certification, however, could be made within China in one or two months! Why you should get a TEFL in China

certification A TEFL was received from China must be authenticated (I notarized, authenticated by your local Secretary of State, or the office equivalent, if not in the US ., and then legalized by the Chinese embassy). This should be done before reaching China in a process that is subject to the same restrictions as delicious bureaucratic any other document required for the visa process. This takes a lot of time, patience and a decent chunk of money, probably at least $ 150.

certification A TEFL received from a Chinese program TEFL certified, however, does not require any additional authentication, and therefore is the best option if you are already in China and / or needed at all rush. TEFL What should you get?

TEFL qualifications come in two main forms, certification of 60 hours and 120 hours certification. Ten years ago, is the TEFL 60 hours carries some weight in China. Visa and permit regulations now are what they are, however, 60 hours TEFL is essentially worthless. In my research, any school or city that requires a TEFL certification course will require 120 hours.

We also find courses TEFL weekend 20 hours and other shorter courses. While these courses are less expensive and can provide a good foundation in teaching English as a foreign language, who do not qualify for a work permit in China. Cost and Time Required

There are several types of TEFL certification, including those involving full-time in person and others offering a hybrid of online lessons and practical. Any legitimate TEFL certification program must have a practical teaching component in person followed by feedback from professional instructors.

The average cost hybrid class 120 hours in China is about RMB3,000 (about USD430). This is far cheaper than programs i

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