Born in rural Lu'an, Anhui Province, Zhu Xingjia knows that employment is vital to get people out of poverty.

The 50-year-old was a migrant worker in Jiangsu Province in 1990 and then returned to his hometown to run a restaurant in 2010.

in 2011, Longhui pencil, a manufacturing plant in his hometown was established. After years of development, Zhu said, his business had finally gotten on the right track and wanted to contribute more to the development of his hometown.

In 2016, Zhu joined the relief efforts of the government poverty.

The government has been helping families affected by poverty in many ways, such as providing affordable health services and subsidies for the education of young people, but employment is seen as one of the more effective measures.

"What I can do is provide jobs, giving them more confidence and decency," Zhu said.

Employers manufacture of many low-end more emphasis on competitiveness, which means that younger, healthier and more educated people have a greater opportunity to get a job.

"is a fact that poor villagers are usually the elderly, less educated or even illiterate or handicapped," said Zhu, who had been recruiting these people since 2016.

of its 243 employees, 68 are from families registered by the Adminis ent as key efforts homes for poverty alleviation.

With annual output value of the factory exceeding 100 million yuan ($ 15 million) last year, Zhu spent more than 20 million yuan to buy wood from local residents and workers pay wages last year.

"We have employed more than 120 people from families affected by poverty so far," Zhu said. "With employment, all of them have moved out of poverty, which is a happy achievement for us."


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