Marriage Proposals in China are traditionally a formal affair, with matchmakers, soothsayers and gifts made all the necessary options. These days, the proposals are not so rigid and serious as they once were, but popping the question the right way to ensure both the bride and her family are happy is no less important. If you are a foreigner looking to take it to the next stage with his girlfriend, to read the rules of contracts in China

Source :. Stephen Leonardi The Rise of Western-style proposals Proposals

Western style have begun imposing in China with Chinese young men as likely to get down on one knee and offer a ring these days, as they are to present a red envelope to the parents of a child. Perhaps because of the influence of Hollywood movies and viral videos from the Internet, extravagant romantic gestures and big proposals are also becoming increasingly popular.

One of the most memorable examples is Chinese Pan Kun, a young man of Qingdao that wanted to make sure his marriage proposal was accepted by his girlfriend of six months. In order to achieve this goal, he persuaded 48 of his friends (he even has many friends!) To dress like giant carrots and performing a flashmob. Pan spent more than RMB100,000 in the trick, which apparently took the three weeks of planning and preparation. All that hard work paid off, however, as she said yes and the video of his proposal became viral, with many netizens praising him for his creativity and willingness to embarrass himself by his girlfriend. When proposing

Keep in mind that once it becomes a serious relationship, the Chinese often expect rapid progress towards marriage. Is quite rare in China for couples to date for years before getting hitched, so your proposal is not discouraged for too long if you know you want to "put a ring on it" over time. Many Chinese couples marry within a year of their relationship, especially if both already have joined the workforce and has established its place in society.

In the same way, long-term relationships are rare. Once you have set, you can expect marriage arrangements to be made very quickly. Make sure you are ready for this before you get down on one knee. parental expectations

If your intention is a more traditional type, is probably the best way to get the nod from parents before popping the question. He is warned, however, that parents can have high expectations in terms of what it will provide, either at the stage of commitment or married life, especially if you happen to be a foreigner.

American A man in Guizhou found that the hardest way to propose to his Chinese girlfriend, a waitress in a rural area. He was surprised to discover that his parents expected him to buy an apartment in the city where, and the couple would live. In another case, a Canadian discovered, much to his chagrin, that the parents of his girlfriend would not allow her daughter to marry him without payment of big dowry.

Parental expectations for marriage proposals varies from one province to another, one city to another, and between social classes. While even today, many women of high society of the city would not think to marry a man without an apartment and a car, families in rural areas may not require as much, especially if they think a " rich foreigner "treat its right offspring. Having the chat

in order to avoid surprises, therefore, talk to your other half before asking for her hand in marriage and find out what their customs are part of China. If you want the proposal to be a surprise, you can position yourself as a foreigner or just clueless interested in local culture. This will help you decide whether you should file their parents with only one or hong bao of the keys to a new town, if there are local traditions or gifts should be given to family members, and if you really needed to i

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