Beijing October 22 (Xinhua) - The following is a Summary of the news published science and technology of China

support for basic research

China will intensify support for basic research and aim for further progress in the area, a Chinese official on Wednesday he said <. p style = "margin: 0px 3px 15px"> China's investment in basic research increased from 71.6 billion yuan (about 10.8 billion dollars) in 2015 to 133.56 billion yuan in 2019 with an average annual growth rate of 16.9 percent, much higher than that of spending on research and development (R & D). In 2019, spending on basic research accounted for six percent of the total spending on research and a record figure in the history


A Chinese science and technology official has called for broader international cooperation and deep in science and technology

China not only benefits from and is involved in science and technology openness and cooperation, but also contributes to and pushes the international forward progress of science and technology for the benefit of humanity, Wang Zhigang, science and technology minister said Wednesday.

During the period of the Five Year Plan 13, China has been planning and promoting Innovation with a global vision and mixed in the global Innovation network said Wang

science and technology to reduce poverty

science and technology have played a role key in povert Chinese and relief, he said a Chinese official on Wednesday

. In the past five years, China has focused on the neck of technical bottle of the agricultural industry and promoted more than 50,000 new varieties and technologies to increase the quality and efficiency of this industry in poor areas, Defang, an official of the Ministry Science and Technology, at a press conference. End

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Image of Soil erosion area in China drops by nearly 1 mln sq km
Soil erosion area in China drops by nearly 1 mln sq km

Beijing, June 13 (Xinhua): China has reported a decrease in the area affected by soil erosion by 2020 as the environment of the country continued to

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