As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout the world, anyone who return to China is still required to undergo 14 days of quarantine. It is understandable that those who have not experienced quarantine in China before they are eager to know what it feels like. I recently completed my own quarantine after returning from the UK and wanted to share my experience with you

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The most important thing first understand, however, is that no two experiences quarantine in China is likely to be the same. You could be lucky and get a modern hotel with a large Internet where you can order everything that you eat and drink. Alternatively, you can call the short straw and end in a summary setting where there is not even a working TV and do not provide you with a towel. The problem is that at the time to figure out what kind of hotel you're in, it's too late to do anything to respect. With this in mind, it is essential that while hoping for the best, prepare for the worst. Preparing for a Rough Landing

The experience of my family could not be the same as everyone else, but what happened was we quite consistent with stories I've heard from other friends of expatriates who have quarantined in China. The plane landed and the passengers have had their one section at a time. First in line to have all our information checked by officers before being tested for the virus, although, of course, had already received a negative result before they were allowed to raise them to the plane. In our experience, the test was administered a nasal swab and by far the longest and most intrusive of the four tests I've experienced so far. The only consolation was that allowed children to take oral swab instead.

Then had our temperatures checked before passport control, after which we were finally able to pick up the bags. What followed was a long wait to get on a bus to a hotel, during which we were instructed to record our data to a local application and deliver passports to officials. We had no example in which hotel we will stay in or what area of ​​the city that would be. It is also worth noting that our movements are largely confined throughout the wait. The whole process, from landing to get on the bus to the hotel, took about three hours.

At the hotel, our temperature was again fills us with another application with similar information as before, and we had returned the passports at check in. The rules of the hotel were one adult per room. While I seemed quite strict on this policy, we saw an elderly couple who were allowed to stay together because she had recently had surgery. They also allowed a father and son to stay together, but not allow two parents and a child in a room. I assume there must be other exceptions, as in the case of one parent traveling with their two children.

I was warned by others to get to pay for the room in full in advance and pay our hotel indeed requested later the same day. It is possible to obtain a fapiao if you want to try to claim the back room for tax purposes, but you have to request a time to pay and probably will not receive it until the end. clean your site and keep it that way

should pack a lot for quarantine in China, which is not normally packed in a suitcase; wipes, towelettes, garbage bags, laundry detergent, surface cleaners and towels. It may be that the hotel may include some of these - we got towels and garbage bags - but very well can not

We were pleasantly surprised to find the rooms seemed clean when we checked in. But appearances can be deceiving, and in the current climate does not hurt to be careful. Regardless of how clean your room looks, you'll want to disinfect as much of it as possible. Clean the sink, f

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