BAGHDAD, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) - The Islamic State extremist (ES) militants killed five family members and wounded two others Tuesday in the eastern Iraqi province of Diyala , a local official said

. The incident took place in a village near the town of el-Maqdadiyah, about 100 kilometers northeast of Baghdad, when militants shot dead shepherd and a planted bomb under his body and another on the road leading to the body Hatem el-Tamimi, the mayor of the city, told Xinhua

. Then, two of the brothers victim, who were trying to recover the body of the pastor, died when the bomb under the body shot, told el-Tamimi

. The explosion caused the family rushed the victim to the scene, but the roadside bomb detonated and killed the grandfather of the victim and a cousin and injured two members of the family of the victim, said < p style = "MARGIN :. 0px 15px 3px"> despite military operations repeated in the province of Diyala, remnants of militants if they are still hiding in some areas steep near the border with Iran, and in areas expanding It is extending from the western part of the province saw Hamreen in northern Baquba.

the security situation in Iraq has improved dramatically after Iraqi security forces utterly defeated the extremist IS militants across the country in late 2017. End

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