Beijing Oct. 27 (Xinhua) - Migrant workers projections in the northwestern autonomous region of Xinjiang in China are all volunteers and have greatly improved the quality of life and enjoyed more opportunities development. according to a report

The report, entitled "Research Report on the situation of Xinjiang Young output migrant workers, of all ethnic groups," is based on a combination of field investigations, questionnaires and in-depth interviews conducted by a research team from the Institute of Human Rights at the University of the southwestern political Science and law

. policy to alleviate poverty through employment has played an important role in eliminating poverty in Xinjiang, while the outgoing migrant workers improve ethnic unity, the report

. employees Xinjiang make a free choice of employment based on their situation, which is the optimal arrang ement of their own development in the future, he added

.. Income monthly and" target="_BLANK">annual household income of workers increased significantly after they left to work

around 84 percent of the gains workers 3,501 yuan to 5,000 yuan ( about 525 to 750 dollars) a month, compared with 1,500 yuan a month for most of them before going to work, the report

. They enjoy equal pay for equal work with other workers in factories and enjoy the same opportunities for promotion as other workers in terms of career development,. according to the report

as to the degree of satisfaction in terms of their current work environment, housing and conditions for restoration after going to work, 64 percent of employees of Xinjiang, said they are very satisfied, 33 percent said they are satisfied, and 3 percent said that the working environment is accep table, according to the report

. With enough laws and policies to protect the rights and interests of workers, China strictly prohibits "force others to work."

According to the report, claims "forced labor" in the West ignore the needs of people looking for a happy life and plans to reduce poverty to distort China and policies to promote employment. End

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