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Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google informed the sales and profit figures on Thursday that covers three months on September 30, and there was a common thread: growth does not show signs of deceleration. 1. Amazon is King

Cardboard boxes and delivery trucks were an early sign, and now we have more tests: Amazon is still one of the biggest winners of the pandemic.

Internet sales Giant Shots at $ 96.1bn within three months to September 30, 37% compared to the same period in 2019. And the profits affected a record of $ 6.3bn, almost three times In total last year.

The increase was driven by its e-commerce business in North America, as families became more and more online shopping. But the business advertising and computing business in the company also saw significant profits.

Growth has not arrived at no cost. Amazon said that it had $ 2,500 million in Covid-related expenses and its reputation has also been successful, with protests against the working conditions of the company and other policies.

2. In social networks, the surge of Covid is fading image CopyrightGetty images

Facebook, Owner of Instagram and whatsapp, reported A whopping 2,500 million daily users on average in September through their platforms. That is 15% as of September of the previous year, but only an increase of 3% in June, when people stayed at home became social networks, generating a flood of activity.

The company warned that the number Facebook users even denied in the United States and Canada, their most profitable market, and told investors who expected the continuing trend.

Twitter informed a similar story, claiming 187 million active users daily in the quarter of July to September, a little of 1 million of the previous period.

3. Immersion in users does not seem to be dissuading advertisers, however,

in the middle of stops at the beginning of This year, many companies cut advertising spending. The move led sales to slowly on Facebook and pressed the alphabet, Google's parent company and YouTube, to its first declive year after year in quarterly income from becoming a company listed by publications in 2004. < p> But the expense of those companies has returned.

In Google, revenues increased by 14% year-after year, much better than analysts. The increase helped earnings, ocular appearance of 59% year after year, by more than $ 11 billion, by sending the actions of the signature more than 6% in trade after the time.

Twitter also saw revenue rises 14%, while on Facebook jumped 22% and the firm said he hoped that growth accelerates.

4. The next iPhone better will be great Image copyrighttreers

Apple Sales hit $ 64.7bn, a little slightly for a year, surpassing Most of the analysts' expectations, since the sales of laptops and iPads emerged.

But the actions in the firm sank into trade after the hours immediately, since investors digested a fall of more than 20% in iphone revenue.

Apple expressed the confidence that buyers were simply waiting for their last telephone, who went on sale later than in previous years.

"Despite the ongoing impacts of Covid-19, Apple is in the midst of our period of introduction of more prolific products, and the early response to all our new products, directed by our first alignment of iPhone enabled 5G, has been tremendously positive, "said Executive Director Tim Cook.

5. Celebrated success, but others?

As is typical, the discussions of the companies focus on sales and profits, and not controversies that are around them, since calls for tougher regulation obtain traction in the US . UU and elsewhere.

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