Shanghai, October 29 (Xinhua) - The Italian Medical Diagnostic company DiaSorin is looking for more opportunities through its participation for the first time at the next International Expo of China ( Ciie)

As a biotechnology player leader in the market for in vitro diagnostics, particularly in immunodiagnostics and molecular diagnostics, Diaorina has been present in China since 2006. "We hope to obtain a higher visibility as Italian player and a future local manufacturer in China," said Roy Shi, Vice President of Corporate Affairs in Diaorin China.

diarin is working to set up your first manufacturing and research site in Shanghai.

Research and Production In the new Shanghai site award topire notch tests to provide innovative solutions to the growing needs of the Chinese health system, providing T products. Field of oncology and metabolic disorders, including hypertension.

The company is aimed at new market opportunities with a menu of extensive exams and the XS link, a new chimioluminescence immunoassay platform. Designed specifically for the Chinese market, SHI added. EndItem


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