Shanghai, October 29 (Xinhua) - The authorities in Shanghai have strengthened epidemic prevention and control of food exhibitions in the cold chain at the next International Import Expo China International (CIIE), imposing strict controls in storage, inspection, delivery and screen.

The exhibits will be placed in storage in batches and will be transferred for the exposure of a supply chain company at the Pudong New Area, according to the municipal administration for regulation From the market.

Wu Renhua, of the administration, said there would be warehouse inspections, food disinfection and cold chain transport. Vehicles and staff, as well as COVID-19 tests for cold chain food practitioners and the warehouse environment.

The administration will also carry out closed loop monitoring in the warehouse process and point-to-point transportation process to guarantee FOO. D Safety, Wu added.

From 9:30 a.m., Thursday, approximately 100 cubic meters of 68 exhibitors of 68 exhibitors had been put into a specialized warehouse. They are mainly frozen meat and seafood, as well as bread, chocolate and ice cream. EndItem


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