Meng Wanzhou: Questions about the Huawei Executive Arrest As the legal battle continues by the correspondent of Gordon Coreasecurity

it had been told that a Chinese woman was landing at Vancouver Airport In a few hours and that the Royal Canadian mounted police had an arrest warrant for it according to a US application. UU

What revealed the investigation was that it was the financial director of the Chinese Telecommunications Giant Huawei and the daughter of the founder of the company.

It was at that time that border officials realized that they were about to be sunk at the center of an important international incident that, almost two years, has not gone.

The woman was Meng Wanzhou, whose flight of Hong Kong reached door 65 at 11:10 local time. He was at a stop in Canada, where she has two households, before heading to business meetings in Mexico.

More details of what was carried out at the airport has been revealed in a Vancouver court in the last week as part of the last stage of the legal battle that could be extended for years. .css-1pzprxn-bulletlistcontainmargin-left: 1.5REM; .css-1pzprxn-bulletlistcontainer

  • Meng Wanzhou: trapped in a golden cage
  • The life of Huawei's Meng Details in the bail in Canada

    Your lawyers are chasing a Multiple strategy Tips to avoid extravaging to the US. UU in the charges of deceiving the HSBC Bank in a way that can take it to breaking the sanctions in Iran.

    Ms. Meng's lawyers have been arguing that there was proceeding abuse in the way the arrest was held. The lawyers are looking for signs that the appropriate procedures were not followed in what was developed in those hours.

    MS Meng, who appeared in court with the security ankle bracelet that is required for deposit, was described as "calm" during his initial interrogation at the airport because he had no idea what would come then.

    was just after 2:00 p.m. when this questioning was on which he was received by a police officer who explained to Mrs Meng who was being arrested and had the right to a lawyer.

    The police officer who finally arrested her after the border questionnament was challenged to court why he did not before. Her lawyers are seeking evidence a plan coordinated by the border agency and the police, perhaps with the United States guide hand behind them, to stop incorrectly and question it without a lawyer.

    Officials deny this and say that the questioning of the border was to establish whether there was any reason why it could not be admitted, for example, participation in espionage. The police officer also testified the concerns of "security" were one of the reasons why he did not arrest Mrs Meng immediately after the flight from Cathay Pacific 777.

    This part of The legal battle will focus on whether procedures were followed and, if not, if that was due to simple errors or the result of any plan.

    The arrest has caused an arrest. The serious diplomatic crisis between Canada and China, with allegations that two Canadians have been arrested in China in national security charges as a negotiation chip on detention of Ms. Meng.

    The legal battle about its extradition is likely to continue for months and perhaps years with appeals on different topics that come out of the relations between the two countries in a difficult state and Ms. Meng still in Canada.


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