Hong Kong, November 2 (Xinhua) - Executive Director of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong (HSAR) Carrie Lam said Monday that the implementation of the Law of the People's Republic . China for safeguarding national security in HKSAR is both timely and essential.

Lam made the observations in a speech delivered in the opening of the Legal Week of Hong Kong 2020. She said that she and the HKS government will continue to firmly implement the law National security in Hong Kong without fear or concern.

LAM said that violent protests during the social. The last year has undermined the public perception of the rule of law, and presented the deficiencies in Hong Kong with respect to the protection of national security, so the enactment of the National Security Law in Hong Kong is "both timely and essential".

"Since then, Law and Order and Stability in SO The Company has been restored and now we have an improved system for Hong Kong to implement accurately and exhaustively the principle From "a country, two systems," he said.

Lam Once again, she urged everyone into society, regardless of her political posture, support the rule of law and respect courts, judges and their failures.

Geoffrey Ma Tao -Li, justice Justice of the Final Court of Appeal of HUN, said in the opening that the Rule of Law is essential for the prosperity of Hong Kong, and I expected society to appreciate it and protect it.

Ma said that the role and functions of the judiciary are clearly established in the Basic Law of Hncum and HSAR enjoy an independent judiciary, including that of the Final award, reflecting the constitutional agreement under the "country, two systems". The votes of the judges also reflect the Independence of the judiciary, the judges must defend the basic law of HKSAR, to carry out their functions faithfully and defend the rule of law without Fear and selflessly, he said.

Teresa Cheng, Ministry of Justice of the Government of HKSAR, said the HSAR government has already initiated projects that will promote the adequate understanding and recognition of the Rule of Law in Several levels of society, hoping to raise awareness of the importance of a society that concerns the law.

The Legal Week of Hong Kong is an annual flagship event from the Government Department of Hensar. In response to the challenges posed by Covid-19, for the first time, a series of web seminars will be transmitted live from 2 to 6. enditem


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