rule for passengers traveling to China have been announced by several Chinese embassies in recent days. People traveling to China from certain countries, including the UK, the US, Canada, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy and Poland, now coronavirus require a negative test within 48 hours of travel, rather than five days earlier.

from Friday, passengers entering China directly from the US and Canada will be required to take both a nucleic acid test IgM antibodies. Those who receive a negative result will then be able to seek a declaration of health status or green health QR code at the Chinese embassy in their country of origin.

For those coming in China from the US or Canada and in transit through a third country, however, the rules are even more complex. These passengers must take tests in their country of origin and transit country and apply for health codes and statements, both in the country of origin and transit country. Meanwhile, the Chinese government has advised those who come from other countries to transit through the US, where it is said that airports are not equipped to do the necessary tests.

The Chinese Embassy in the UK has also issued a warning that since Saturday, similar to the point of being released in the US system will be put in place. It requires all passengers to take a test IgM antibodies and nucleic both within 48 hours of shipment and apply to the general consulates in Manchester, Edinburgh or Belfast for health codes and statements. Similar notices have been posted on the websites of Chinese embassies in France, Italy and other European countries, according to Shine.

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