. ISTANBUL, November 3 (Xinhua) - Local authorities in the northwestern province of Turkey in Bursa on Tuesday tightened the blockade of the elders to stop the spread of the pandemic COVID-19

Under the new regulation, citizens over 65 would be allowed to leave only 10 am-4 pm, he said the office of the governor of Bursa said in a written statement <. / P>

Even in these specified times, the elders could go on the condition that all rules of coronavirus related are followed, including the social and wearing a mask distance, according to the release.

Previously, the same age group were allowed to leave at 10 a.m.-8 p.m. throughout the province

.. The Health Minister recently said Turkey Bursa Fahrettin Koca has gone through the most critical period since the pandemic broke out as the number of positive cases has tripled

Tuesday, the total number of cases COVID-19 in Turkey rose by 2,343 to 382,118, while the number of deaths rose to 10,481 after 79 new deaths were added. End


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