Hong Kong: People invited to inform on their neighbors

The law criminalizes secession, subversion and collusion with foreign forces. It has silenced many protesters since it came into force.

Residents of Hong Kong can send images, audio and video files hotline.

Human rights groups say they are concerned that the service could be used to target those with opposing political views.

Police Department said Hong Kong Facebook that residents hotline

can send the information via the messaging app WeChat, email or text.

The hotline does not respond to calls or provide a response, said police, adding that authorities any personal information from individuals who report violations of the law is not collected. Css-1pzprxn-BulletListContainermargin-left: 1.5rem; the new law Css-1pzprxn-BulletListContainer China: Why is Hong Kong worried

  • UK does the offer to the residents citizenship of Hong Kong

    the introduction of the telephone line he has drawn praise and criticism on the website of the police Department Facebook.

    One person wrote: "It is really shocking You will be able to immediately inform a false case.".

    Another wrote: ". Support for cooperation between police and people to bring the traitors to justice Supporting the Hong Kong police to enforce the law strictly enforce" < p> hotline has also been criticized by rights groups.

    "Informants can use this hotline against people who do not like or are in a field political different," Greater China researcher for Human Rights Watch, Maya Wang told the news agency AFP.

    Beijing has continued to strengthen control of the city under the national security law. Beijing says the legislation is needed to address disturbances and instability after months of protests.

    However, the law has been widely condemned by Western governments and human rights groups, with critics saying freedoms guaranteed by ending 50 years after British rule ended in Hong Kong in 1997. < / P>

    After introduced in June, a number of groups prodemocratic dissolved fear for their safety.

    Last week, teenage activist, Tony Chung was charged under the National Security Act, after days of being arrested outside the US consulate. Mr. Chung, 19, to the apparently had planned to enter the consulate and request asylum.

    Earlier this week, seven pro-democracy politicians in Hong Kong were arrested during clashes with pro-Beijing lawmakers in the Legislative Council of the city in May.

    There are fears the law could be used to target future protests in parliament, with much tougher penalties. Related topics margin: calc (0.5rem / 2);

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