The Chinese Embassy in the UK has announced that it is suspended again entry to all non-Chinese citizens from the UK to China, even if they are holding valid visas and residence permits. The announcement, which was made on Thursday, is the latest attempt by the Chinese government to keep the country largely COVID release this winter.

After announcing that people wanting to travel from the UK to China would be forced to take a nucleic acid and IgM antibody test before receiving a statement of health of the Chinese embassy, ​​it has revealed today that such statements will no longer be issued.

Exceptions will be repatriation of Chinese citizens and holders of diplomatic, service or visas C. Any alien who needs to fly to China from the UK for a business or personal emergency will be required to apply for a special visa at the Embassy or Consulate of China. Visas issued after the November 3, 2020, also not be affected.

The UK embassy said the suspension was a temporary measure that will be evaluated and adjusted according to the situation COVID developments in the country. According to WeChat expat groups in China and other countries, such as Belgium, Philippines, Poland, Denmark, Germany and the Czech Republic are all working under similar rules. A complete list of affected countries is not currently available, but similar restrictions are likely to be issued against other places with a high rate of infection.

Meanwhile, China's largest airline, China Southern Airlines, is stop taking passengers from 21 countries that are transferred through a third country on their way to China. The announcement was made on Tuesday, according to state media Global Times. has been unable to find the complete list of the 21 affected countries, but is said to cover 10 African countries, including Ethiopia, Guinea and Ghana, and eight Asian countries like the Philippines, Nepal , India and Bangladesh. Russia and Brazil are also said to be in the list.

The carrier said the move was made for reasons of virus control shortly after the" target="_BLANK">Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) announced the latest round of foreign flight suspensions. On October 30, the regulation suspended three international fights: A Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Guangzhou after carrying nine passengers COVID positive in China; China Southern route from Dhaka to Guangzhou mattered 10 positive passengers; and an Air Canada flight from Moscow to Shijiazhuang, carrying 14 passengers positive.

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