Beijing, Nov. 8 (Xinhua) - The high-tech companies in Zhongguancun in Beijing, known as the Silicon Valley of China, are driving Innovation as the country continues to advance the development high quality .

Founded in 2014, the platform cloud computing China EasyStack is one of the leading innovators in Zhongguancun Science Park, an area of ​​national demonstration of independent Innovation <. p style = "margin: 0px 3px 15px"> Over the past six years, the company has experienced a sharp growth of a small team of nine to a product professional cloud service provider with about 400 employees <. p style = "MARGIN: 0px 3px 15px"> was not easy to start from scratch, said Chen Xilun, founder and CEO of EasyStack

The company built its reputation on industry, contributing to code basic projects worldwide in its early days, and has more than once reached the top of the core code contribution top 10 lists, according to Chen .

. Is now offering cloud solutions to governments and key sectors such as finance, telecommunications and energy, both at home and abroad computing

Chen believes that independent Innovation is behind the success of the company

. "Cloud computing is the scanning engine," Chen said, adding that the company has been committed to independent research and development with a global perspective. "Only core technology we can have core competence."

The Chinese central authorities have reiterated the central Innovation position occupies in the march of the country towards modernization in a model recently launched for development until 2035. Technology self-sufficiency should be a strategic pillar of development of the country, say

. "What our company echoes the call of the country of Innovation- development driven," Chen said, vowing to intensify research and independent development to become a cloud world-class computing company based on an ecosystem of open source < / p>

. Due to the use of liquid cooling technology, the server is energy efficient compared to traditional, s aid Ren Jing, senior vice president of Sugon

. "He never wavered in the pursuit of Innovation," added

Ren said there has been increased confidence among businesses as the environment for business, Innovation and investment in the country continued to improve during the 13th day of the plan (2016-2020) period

Looking forward to the next five years, Ren said the emphasis on Innovation by central authorities is edifying

The company will continue to be determined to walk the path of technological self-reliance, focusing on major research and development and increased investment of resources to contribute to the economic growth of high quality, added

Digital Glodon is transforming the industry traditionally built by delivering products and services covering the entire life cycle of construction projects

. With the adoption of digital workflows, the platform helps improve efficiency costing of the project and construction

"Take the use of steel bars, for example. Digitizing the cutting, processing and installation can lead to more efficient use of raw materials and reducing waste and pollution, "said Chen Xiaofeng, assistant president Glodon

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