A computer image created by Nexu Communication Sciences with Trinity College in Dublin, structurally shows a model representative of a betacoronavirus that is the type of virus linked to COVID-19 shared with Reuters on Feb, 2020. [Photo / Agencies 18 ]

a sample of the outer packaging of beltfish frozen imported from India tested positive for the new coronavirus in Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi province, north China on Saturday, noting that all close contacts of the negative element for virus test.

according to a report by Beijing Daily on Sunday, beltfish was imported to Taiyuan through the port of Tianjin and the sample tested positive for the virus when Local authorities in Taiyuan took evidence out acid nucleic to the random products imported cold chain Saturday.

Taiyuan soon launched a contingency plan to deal with contaminated food. The batch of the sea was sealed immediately, and the places where he had contact were disinfected, said the Local government.

Local authorities maintained proper control of vehicles and drivers. People who had close contacts with potential risk of infection were isolated for COVID-19 test. All tests were negative.

Zhou Jiaxin contributed to this article.

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