Beijing, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) - Cooperation vaccine has become a highlight of cooperation against the epidemic between China and the countries of the GCC (Cooperation Council for the Gulf) the Chinese State councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday

. Wang made the remarks to the attend the ministerial meeting between China and GCC via video conference, adding that the first clinical trial of phase III in the world of COVID-19 vaccine, conducted by China with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain has progressed steadily and efficiently with 44,000 people vaccinated

. China attaches great importance and is willing to actively respond to the real needs of people in the region of vaccines, and take concrete actions to promote the building of a community of human health with the countries of the GCC, said Wang

Stressing that China and the countries of the GCC must adhere to multilateralism, w ang also he said China will continue countries support the CCG to maintain political security and social stability and follow the path of independent development

. He said that relevant countries should carry out the subsequent economic reconstruction to the epidemic under the premise of prevention and control of effective epidemic negotiations restart on free trade zone between China and GCC, strengthen security cooperation information, promote joint construction of major projects and road belt, and intensify people-. exchanges village

according to the ministers of the countries of the GCC, China has become the largest exporter and importer of their countries

Noting that the countries of the GCC firmly adhere to the policy of one China and is willing to work with China to co-build the belt and the road on high quality, ministers appreciated active and constructive role in regional affairs China and is willing to promote relevant parties to resolve disputes through dialogue. End


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