Although the vacation days many teachers expatriates working in China enjoy long summer vacation and winter holidays, most of the rest of us have very limited compared to what we are used to return to House. Normally a new employee will be offered five days of annual leave, plus national holidays, which will only increase 10 days after 10 years in the same company. With sufficient foresight and planning, however, you can still enjoy plenty of breaks. Here are six ways to maximize your vacation as an expatriate worker in China

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1. Combine holidays with annual leave

If you only have a few days holiday a year, you may think you are limited to a trip to the year. But before they resign themselves to a trip home at Christmas and nothing else, take a look at the Chinese calendar holidays. Many Chinese holidays are based on the lunar calendar, so the date change from year to year. In addition, the government sets dates sometimes more to give people more days off in a row. This almost always accompanied by employees have to work days to recover the weekend before or after a national holiday, but as number of days of rest means you can go further and do more.

If the dates fall kindly, sometimes you can label a few days of annual leave and a weekend in a holiday short to the magic of a much longer break. If you are smart to respect, you may take three or four holidays one week in a year despite an insignificant annual allocation license.

2. Book time about holidays well in advance

Speaking of holidays, if you do plan to book extra time off either side, be sure to well in advance. Otherwise, you may holiday dreams dashed when they tell their colleagues came to that before.

The Chinese workers often try to combine all your annual leave holidays, particularly in the national Chinese New Year and Easter, so you can enjoy visits extended to their hometowns to visit family. It is also likely that foreign partners will be planning extended trips around its own these days, perhaps near the beach in Southeast Asia destinations.

So, arrive early and reserve your leisure. The sooner the better. If you are worried that the dates may change more at a time, remember that it is much easier to set dates existing annual leave which is to make the booking late. In the same way, if you get your confirmed dates, book your trains, planes and hotels as soon as possible. When 1.4 billion people all have a holiday at the same time, things fill up quickly.

3. Ask your boss if you can public work

As the trip can be a bit of a chore during major Chinese national holidays, it is certainly preferable to travel outside of them if you can, when everything is cheaper and less crowded. Most Chinese entrepreneurs do not allow it, because technically have to pay overtime for working a holiday, but some might actually prefer to have someone in the office to steer the boat while everyone else is away.

If you agree with your boss who will work for normal salary in exchange for being able to take time out of national holidays, which will face less competition in the office at the time of booking and find out all less crowded and less expensive when you go.

This obviously negates the ability to tag their annual leave during the holidays to extend beyond but for some travel without the crowds is more than worth it. If you live in a city with a lot of migrant workers can also enjoy spending national holidays at home when everyone else has cleaned to visit their families.

4. At the time runs short breaks Visa

Although anyone working in long-term China should, by the letter of the law, being in a Z visa, there are still some expatriates working in business or ev

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