F1 calendar: Vietnamese Grand Prix dropped from 2021 F1 schedule by F1 writer Andrew BensonChief

A street race in the capital Hanoi was due to make its debut in April this year before it was suspended as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

the date of the ra ce Vietnam on April 25, has been left blank on a schedule of 22 races in 2021 published on Tuesday. The calendar could be extended to 23 Grands Prix - a new record -. If F1 can find a replacement for Vietnam <.. P class = "" data reactid = "$ 1ug21xxh72q. paragraph-4"> The 2021 season is scheduled to begin in Australia on March 21 and end in Abu Dhabi on December 5.

The British Grand Prix at Silverstone on July 18 and the new Grand Prix Saudi Arabia announced the week last, the penultimate race on November 28.

After the experience of establishing the truncated season this year, and discussions with the countries concerned for 2021, F1 said he was confident it would be able to run your calendar next year, as long as the global pandemic need to be a. major turn for the worse <.. p class = "" data reactid = "$ 1ug21xxh72q. paragraph-7"> F1 A statement said: "The plans for 2021 have a broad dialogue with all the promoters involved and local and national authori ties at a moment of fluidity course related to the global pandemic.

" Formula 1 and the FIA ​​launched robust health and safety measures to allow the 2020 season revised to restart and run effectively.

Vietnam's first Grand Prix was due to take place in April 2020 before it was canceled due to the pandemic of the coronavirus

F1 president and CEO Chase Carey said: "we are planning 2021 events with fans that provide an experience close to normal and we hope that our agreements will be recognized

"In fact, many hosts really want to use our event as a platform to show the world they are moving forward . "

Why race Vietnam collapsed?

the elimination of Vietnam, which at that time was the first new event introduced by the new owners of the F1 Liberty Media, has been triggered by the arrest on corruption charges of one. official responsible for the race in Hanoi key

Hanoi people Chairman of the committee Nguyen Duc Chung was arrested in August for alleged appropriation of documents containin


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