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The results come on the heels of similar results from Pfizer, and add to the growing confidence that Vaccines can help stop the pandemic.

The two companies uses a highly innovative and experimental design for their approach shots.

Modern said it was a "great day" and plan to apply for approval to use the Vaccine in the coming weeks.

However, this is still the first data and key questions remain unanswered. What's so good?

The study involved 30,000 people in the US with half being given two doses of the Vaccine, four weeks apart. The rest had sham injections.

The analysis is based on the first 95 to develop symptoms Covid-19.

Only five of the cases were in people Covid given the Vaccine, 90 were in those receiving sham treatment. The company says the Vaccine protects 94.5% of people.

The data also show there were 11 cases of serious Covid in the trial, but none occurred in people who were vaccinated.

"The overall effectiveness has been remarkable ... is a great day," Tal Zaks, the medical director of Moderna, told the BBC. .

Dr. Stephen Hoge, president of the company, said that "a smile from ear to ear for a minute" when they got the results

He told the BBC: "I do not think any of us really expected that the Vaccine would be 94% effective in preventing Covid-19 disease, which was really an amazing accomplishment. "

When I get it ?

That depends on where you are in the world and age you have.

Moderna said to apply to regulators in the US in the coming weeks. It is expected to have 20 million doses available in the country.

The company hopes to have up to one billion doses available for use worldwide next year and plans to seek approval in other countries.

The UK has announced that, from the spring, which will have five million doses of Modern Vaccine, enough to vaccinate 2.5 million people. Has already

What we do not know?

It is not yet known how long immunity will last as volunteers will have to be followed for much longer before they can be answered.

there are indications that offers some protection in older age groups, who are at higher risk of dying from Covid, but no complete data.

Mr Zaks told the BBC their data to the moment suggests that the Vaccine "does not seem to lose power" with age.

And not known whether the Vaccine only seriously ill people stop growing, or if you stop the spread of the virus as well.

All these questions will affect how a coronavirus Vaccine is used.

Are there side effects?

have been reported no significant safety problems, but nothing, including paracetamol, 100% safe.

ephemeral fatigue, headache and pain after injection reported in some patients.

"These effects are what you would expect with a Vaccine that is working and that induces an immune response good," Professor Peter Openshaw said, of the Imperial College of London. How does this compare with Pfizer Vaccine?

Both Vaccines use the same method to inject part of the genetic code of the virus to provoke an immune response.

The preliminary data we've seen so far is very similar - protection around 90% for the Vaccine Pfizer / BionTech and about 95% for

However, both trials are still being carried out Modern and the final numbers could change ..

Vaccine Moderna seems to be easier to store because it is stable at minus 20C for up to six months and you may be stored in a standard refrigerator for up to one month.

Pfizer Vaccine storage needs ultra-cold at about 75 ° C less, but can be kept in the refrigerator for f


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