Covid vaccine: Pfizer says '94% effective in over 65 years margin: calc (0.5rem / 2);

More data released its continuation phase three trial suggests that works as well in people of all ages and ethnicities.

The companies say they now will apply for authorization of emergency use of the vaccine in the US.

The study involved 41,000 people worldwide. Half received the vaccine and the other half a placebo.

Last week, Pfizer and BionTech published preliminary data suggesting

This was followed by the data in a vaccine manufactured by Modern company that suggest protection almost 95% and the same promising way results other trials developed in Russia, called Sputnik. 'reassuring'

data Wednesday Pfizer and BionTech, based on data from last week, suggesting that the vaccine is 95% effective based on 170 cases of Covid-19 in the development of volunteers.

Only eight were in the group that received the vaccine, suggesting that provides good protection. The remaining cases were in the placebo group given simulated stroke.

In older adults, who are at increased risk for the virus and have weaker immune systems, the vaccine worked as well as it did in younger people.

scientists said the data were encouraging news, with Prof Trudie Lang, University of Oxford and described it as "a remarkable and very reassuring situation."

"To go from the identification of a new virus to have several vaccines at the time of applying for regulatory approval is an incredible milestone for science," he said css-1pzprxn-BulletListContainermargin-left : 1.5rem; css-1pzprxn-BulletListContainer Will. there is more than one coronavirus vaccine?

  • Is the vaccine safe to drink? And other questions

    Although data from the full study has not yet been published, the companies say that there have been serious security problems.

    But did the headaches ads and fatigue in about 2% of volunteers who received the vaccine, although older people seemed to experience effects minimal side There is also evidence that the vaccine protects against severe Covid. - but this is based on only 10 cases.

    It is still unclear how long protection lasts vaccine and if it prevents people from transmitting the virus.

    In the study, 42% of all participants are from diverse ethnic backgrounds and 41% are aged between 56 and 85 years old. Analysis by Naomi Grimley, health correspondent

    More vaccine good news is what we've been waiting for. This time is very encouraging that Pfizer vaccine appears to work in older people most effectively in the younger ones.

    However, this vaccine is still far from widespread use. First, regulators need to be absolutely sure in his own mind that it is safe - not least because modern and Pfizer both use an experimental technology that has never been approved before.

    That process could take a few weeks. Then there is the issue of mass availability. Pfizer is the promise of 50 million doses by the end of the year. But remember: it's a two-shot vaccine.

    Perhaps one of the biggest problems is that the rich countries have rushed to buy the first batch will be ready. That's good news for a country like the UK, but not so good news for countries that do not have the money to bid on development.

    That's why so much depends on other vaccines such as Oxford AstraZeneca one as it can be more scalable, and more advanced plans for the low- and middle-income countries through an un-supported project called COVAX.

    the trial, which is testing people at 150 sites in the US, Germany, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil and Argentina, will collect data on the safety and efficacy of the vaccine for another two, years.

    companies behind it expect to produce up to 50 million doses of vaccine this year and to 1.3 billion doses by the end of 2021.

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