Hutong in Dongcheng district, it was home to a cattle market in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). [Photo by Wang Jing / China Daily]

old main areas attractive for visitors

High-rises dominate the skyline along Chang'an Avenue and Wangfujing Street, in downtown Beijing.

during the day, a stream of traffic flows along the avenue, while in Wangfujing, a crowd of eager shoppers flock to numerous shops lining the pedestrian street.

However, the Chang'an Avenue Northeast atmosphere is totally different, with the area houses a maze of streets, alleys and traditional courtyards or gray walls. Numerous bicycle and tricycle drivers sound their bells as they make their way through the neighborhood.

The" target="_BLANK">area, which covers about 1.25 square kilometers and has a population of over 36,700, is part of the subdistrict area in Dongcheng District Chaoyangmen. Home to some of the most famous hutong in the capital, including Shijia Hutong, which brings a sense of tranquility and traditional life of a city from another lively way.

Located about 200 meters north of Wangfujing and Jinbao Street, Shijia Hutong stretches for about 1 km from Dongsi Nandajie in western Chaoyangmen Nanxiaojie in the east. It has about 80 yards, or Siheyuan, with dozens of residents.

A new project entitled Chaoyangmen Walk, recently launched by the Office Subdistrict Chaoyangmen, the Hutong Museum Shijia and the Municipal Institute of Planning and Design of Beijing City, offers a guide to visitors exploring life hutong walk.

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