Although the culture shock for the first to timers in China is not close to these days, since it was 20 or 30 years ago, certain Chinese customs still, to this day, continue to be disconcerting the foreigners. Some may seem upside down, other counterucable, even stranger. But when you take a step back and look at science, in some cases at least, these Chinese idiosyncrasies really make a lot of sense. Let's look at five 'Chinese' strange habits' that will really improve your health.

1) Poppin 'A Squat

last year, a new roommate moved in my Chinese bedroom before leaving immediately immediately when he discovered, for His consternation, we only had squat to squat (panting *). With the amazing economic growth, China has seen since its reform and is opening, one could assume that squatting toilets would be one of the first things that should go. The Chinese, however, often argue that the chatting toilet is superior and, when it is given an option in a bath with both, stick to the devil they know. As far as many Chinese is concerned, the sitting toilets are for elderly people who can no longer "assume the position".

No matter how long we Westerners tend to hate them, squatting toilets are actually healthier for a number of seeds. First, there are possibly more health, since there is no skin contact to tronics, although the less it is said about the situation on the floor, the better. Second, the Chinese have known that the position of which their business is doing much healthier for the body. Studies have shown that the fastest and most comfortable poop while squatting, without having too much details, everything is in the right angle. Even welfare fanatics in the West have begun to start up, with 'poop coca stools', which can be placed in front of a toilet to raise your knees to a plus squatting position, the essential accessory of the moment.

Daily squat activities are also clearly good for flexibility. Who is not impressed by the old people in the parks with the legs on the handrails? I heard that Chinese have additional leg muscles developed with squatting toilets, which in turn makes that position much more comfortable. Now you know why the so-called "Asian squat" is a rest posture so popular here, even outside the toilet rights. 2) Drink hot water

When my family visited China recently, they were surprised. Whenever they were served, alcoholic beverages and hot water and beer at room temperature and ambient temperature, especially since it was half summer. Even among those who are aware of China's preference for hot water, many assume that it is simply a need to combat the notoriously bacteria-tastic tap.

Sterility is definitely part of it, but Chinese also prefer hot drinking / hot water because they think it brings health benefits, as well as a growing consensus of experts in the West. Many of China's beliefs about the benefits of drinking hot water come from the laws of Chinese medicine, which dictate that cold drinks are bad for your CHI. Look on the web for "health benefits of drinking hot water", however, and you will find a lot of more acceptable factoides in Western you could never have thought.

For example, warm water, be closer to the temperature of the blood, is more easily absorbed by the body and, therefore, more thirsty that goes off. Drinking warm water in the morning before it is said that breakfast eliminates kidneys, prepare the stomach to digest food, and regulate intestinal movements. Good to Know. Perhaps as alarmingly, some believe that drinking cold water after eating a meal makes the freshly consumed food oils solidify in their system, gradually becoming fat, which can lead to: She guessed it: cancer! While the western medical community has however, to fully support this theory, it may be better to err by the caution side and follow hot drinks from now on (excluding beer and milk

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